April, 2014

Do Refined Carbs Pack on the Pounds and Create Addiction? Brain Imaging Study Says Yes

Eating highly processed carbohydrates can have a similar effect on brain chemistry as addictive substances according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Stimulating regions of the brain involved with reward and craving, refined carbohydrates were found to cause excess hunger and overeating, leading the researchers to suspect limiting high-glycemic foods could be […]

High Animal Protein Intake Linked to Increased Cancer, Diabetes and Mortality

The amount of protein we need to maintain optimal health has long been debated. The modern-day hunter gatherer Paleo people would perhaps suggest that a higher intake of animal protein is best. Conversely, the vegan, plant eaters would usually point to the low protein approach. Confusion ensues because both ways of eating definitely seem to […]